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A private collection is a privately owned collection of works, usually a collection of art. Art collecting developedduring the Renaissance and continues to the present day. Originally nobility were the only ones who collected art, but later other wealthy industrialists adopted the habit.
Building an art collection is an extremely personal endeavor and certainly in our contemporary times, not just for nobility; this is the exciting aspect on contemporary art; art collecting can be a challenging process, stimulating and rewarding.

My goal is to stay connected to the pulse of the international contemporary scene by continuous studying influential galleries and museum exhibitions, curatorial independent exhibitions, attending art fairs, visit studios but above all to stay engaged in a continuous dialogue. My simple philosophy 'to appreciate art and understand art : see more art, see with your own eyes as much as you can'" - on our site you find the link of VK art exhibition visits; a constant love education which I want to share with my clients and friends.
Based on that constant education, I am based on a multi –generational philosophy and I am challenged to create collections of contemporary art and work with newly challenged clients and assist to build bridges on various periods of art.. The increasingly globalized art world is a continuous challenge for myself and my clients which gives us the opportunity to see significant historically art works and study site specific projects.

Our services encompass details on art collecting process, educating and enhance our client with confidence, research to negotiate prices and discounts and make sure the work is properly insured and advise on installation.
Our advisory maintains vibrant relationships with curators and critics and artists.